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Cassie has been married to Aaron for a lifetime and they have 2 children, Mak and Xav. For the past 20 years, Cassie has worked with students aged 5 - 19 with diverse needs including trauma and disability.  She is a qualified educator completing her PhD in Trauma-informed Practice as well as her third Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. She has a Master in Science (Psychology) and Master in Education (Guidance & Counselling), & a Bachelor of Education.

Cassie is passionate about inclusive education and celebrating diversity. She is highly engaging and excited to work with you and your family to provide a uniquely personal, fun and inspiring experience in your short term stay planned right down to your favourite meals and activities at our 25 acre homestead.


Our Short Stay Accommodation

Self-contained Tiny Cabin

We have a family homestead for young kids with their own room and shared bathroom and this is where we eat together and do our activities. You can also stay in your own cabin, where you'll have your own TV and lounge, super comfy bed, a great shower and bathroom and be able to contact Cassie at anytime of the day or night. 

Respite Services (STA)

What does respite care cover?

All basic expenses in a 24-hour period related to providing the service including:

  • Short-term accommodation in one of our tiny cabins

  • Assistance with self-care or community access activities

  • Overnight support

  • Food

  • Negotiated activities including cooking classes, art classes, gardening, and artisan workshops

Who can engage in Respite with us?

NDIS participants whose plan is self-managed or plan managed can use our services as we are currently an unregistered NDIS provider.  We are in the process of registration to assist others who are not self-managed but in Tasmanian the majority are and therefore we're offering our services to the majority early while we wait for accreditation.  See more info here

A ‘self-managed plan’ is where an NDIS participant or their plan nominee engages NDIS supports and services themselves. A ‘plan managed plan’ is where an NDIS participant engages a registered NDIS provider to provide plan management services.

NDIS participant whose plan is self-managed or plan managed must only use registered NDIS providers for the following supports or services:

  • specialist disability accommodation

  • supports or services during which there is or is likely to be a need to use a regulated restrictive practice

  • specialist behaviour supports that involve undertaking behaviour support assessment of the participant or developing a behaviour support plan for the participant.

How much does respite care cost?

We abide by the the NDIS Short Term Accommodation Guidelines.  The NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits set out maximum prices based on the day of week as well as the ratio of staff to participants.

There are different rates for weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays as well as public holidays

The price covers all of the costs mentioned above. 

As respite arrangements vary greatly it’s important to negotiate a price based on length of stay, level of support needed and how inclusive the service is (i.e meals and activities).


Respite for shorter periods of time.

If the respite care required is for less than 24 hours, it may be possible to negotiate a reduced rate with the provider.

Examples include:

  • Dusk to dawn respite care

  • When the usual carer needs support for a few hours during the day that is not covered by other NDIS supports such as community participation.

These short period respite arrangements will typically be charged as an hourly fee and subject to the maximum hourly rates set by the NDIA for in home and out of home assistance.

Are you wheelchair friendly?

Unfortunately, not yet but we're working on it. 


Activities to do at the Homestead when you stay.

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