Strength: 200 IMCU strength. International Milk Clotting Units and is the standard measure of the strength of the rennet. Dosage: Rennet should be used at between 1 mL to 2 mL to 10 litres of milk depending on cheese type and the desired set time. Your recipe should specify the exact quantity of rennet required Description: It is pure chymosin made from the fermentation of vegetable products by aspergillus niger var awamori This vegetarian rennet can be used for all cheese types (soft, hard, semi hard, mould ripened, blue, washed rind, lactic acid set…). It will provide significant improvement in the flavour and texture of the cheese as it matures. Ideally a minimal dosage is used to achieve a set in the desired amount of time. The exact dosage will vary depending on cheese type, temperature and pH of the milk

Vegetarian Rennet (50ml)

50 Milliliters