Dosage 1 Dash mini spoon or 1/8th spoon to 8 litres of milk


Description KO13 is a healthy, flavoursome and easy to make milk drink. It works in much the same way as yoghurt but has a different flavour and maybe more health properties than yoghurt. It is loaded with more probiotic bacteria and is easier to make than yoghurt. Kefir milk drink can be an expensive product to purchase as a made-up milk drink from supermarkets and speciality stores, but it can be made at home for a small fraction of the retail price. Some of the products that can be made with Kefir include: Cultured Kefir milk drink Cultured buttermilk Quark/Labnah style (drain Kefir in a Quark bag or cotton cloth for several hours or overnight)

Kefir (Cultured Drinks)